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Sarah has invited me to be her wing-woman on Friday. I said yes, I mean it’s going to a sixster concert, with backstage pass and to party with them afterwards. Amazing right? This is exactly the type of life I want to create. No more Saturday nights watching shows I’ve saved on the hard drive or downloaded. And now that this season of Game of thrones is over, it’s a pretty easy choice to go out and get amongst it!

But I haven’t ever been a party girl. I know I need a little black number, high heels, dark, smoky eyes, red lips and slinky hair which also means that it’s time to remove my credit card from the Freezer.

Alex and Sarah – I hope you aren’t reading this.

I’ve got 48 hours ish to turn myself into a hot, confident, 30 year old.

I’d better buy some Bridget Jones, suck-it-in, underwear too.

My ex and I are still ‘facebook friends’ so is it awful that I want to take some selfies when we’re out and post them to show off? To kind of flip him off and say now that we’re over, officially, my life is better than it’s ever been. It probably is pretty shallow and petty, but I don’t care. I’m going to do it anyway!

By the way, I bumped into the hot professor today. Literally, bumped into him. I was getting my coffee (with my environmentally friendly eco cup), when I took a step backwards and into him, splashing coffee down the front of my new red dress. However, other than the coffee stains, I was looking pretty fine (if I do say so myself). I’d actually woken up in time to put makeup on, incase I bumped into any potentials, and straightened my hair.

‘Hi Amy,’ He said, with a sexy smile.

Melted to the floor, forgetting that I was supposed to be cleaning up my coffee mess.

‘Hi Professor Hot,’ Obviously, I didn’t say Professor Hot to his face. Or should I say thankfully I didn’t? I used his real name, but incase he ever reads this blog I’ve changed it. I also forgot to correct his use of Amy, instead of Amai. I was too awkward, I shrunk back in time to fifteen. Being an awkward, don’t know how to talk to boys version of myself.

Then we burrowed into banalities.

‘How are you?’ He asked, still smiling warmly into my eyes.

‘Great, I mean, other than spilling coffee over myself, great.’ Yes. I really was that awkward. So ashamed.

‘Good, see you in class?’

Shit, I forgot to ask him how he was or continue conversation. How to ask him if he had a girlfriend, or wife, or was single, and looking …

‘See you in class,’

Then the sniveling, man-coward that I apparently am, I turned and left the café.

I’m shaking my head at myself. I can’t believe I let a perfect opportunity die a humiliating, painful, death.

I still have four days to go before our next class.

Is there a book you can read, how to get your game on, but for women?

I might have to go Google that, because I’m in dire need of assistance!

Actually, I’d better go shopping first and google it later 🙂