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So I had another gym workout. It’s like my trainer is punishing me for not exercising or going to the gym for the last three years. Grrr.

I was grunting and groaning, at one point during a sit up I got half way there, faltered and then fell back to the mat. Even during the cool down, ten minute stretching part I was sweating like a mo-fo.

But that’s not the embarrassing part. My trainer insisted I go to a health food store and buy a protein mixture made 100% from pea. Said that it was 100% natural, and didn’t have the hormone/estrogen concerns of soy protein formula’s.

The words that convinced me to buy it where, ‘you won’t hurt as much or for as long if you’re having it before and after our workouts.’ SOLD!

So after the gym, I toddled, again literally toddled as my whole body was a mess of hurting, aching, jelly (I don’t think I’ve developed any muscle yet) to the natural health food store. It smelled of incense and orange. There was only one attendant at the counter, so I found my own way to the long section of protein powders and body shakes. After five minutes of label examination I found the ‘golden pea’ protein formula. However, it was on the bottom shelf.

I started to lean down.

‘Aaaagggghhhhhhhh’ I groaned.

It was instinctive. I didn’t think about it and couldn’t stop myself. My legs hurt so much that it was painful even bending down.

‘Are you okay?’ Came a voice behind me.

There was no way my body would allow me to turn and see who in the position it was. So I grabbed the container, and slowly turned to standing. Biting my lip from groaning again.

And of course it wasn’t a shop attendant, or a little ole lady, or a person I knew. It was a cute guy, carrying a shopping basket.

Now, I couldn’t help grin. Cute guy, me, YES! This was fantastic. Maybe a groan in public wasn’t a bad thing. A Harry met Sally conversation starter. Thank you gym.

‘I’ve just been to the gym,’ I replied, going for a ‘I go to the gym a lot’ vibe.

‘Are you a vegan?’ He asked, pointing to the container. It had vegan approved stamp on it.

I fluttered eyes, ‘Oh God no. I love my red meat way too much, I could never go vegan.’

He stopped smiling.

SHIT! Was he a vegan?

‘I mean, I don’t really know much about it. Are you vegan?’

He nodded. My heart sunk. Fuck. He was really attractive for a vegan.

‘Isn’t it hard, just eating vegies all thetime? Do you miss meat?’

‘Nope, I eat like a super-healthy king. It’s the best I’ve ever felt.’

Well he certainly looked all sorts of delicious. He had a lean build, curly brown hair, brown eyes. He had just a cool vibe about him. Like a younger version of Joaquin phoenix


‘If you want to know more about it, we’re having a pot luck picnic over the weekend. Everyone brings something vegan to share?’

My smile increased to 100watts. ‘I’d love to come.’ Beats studying.

He withdrew his mobile, smiled, and said ‘What’s your number.’

And that people, is how it’s done!